www.PlayNSA.com  You will find links to these pages on the left side of this page, by moving your
cursor over the PlayNSA.com link. 
PlayNSA.com is our NSA National Site, where you will:
     1.  Sanction your team
     2.  Log In to Enter your Roster using Team LOG IN (only after you receive you sanction number)
     3.  View and Enter Tournaments online using Tournament Search

PlayNSA is the site where the rule book is available 24/7, the approved equipment list is posted,
insurance information is available for you to view and purchase if you wish. 
PlayNSA does NOT accept charges to pay for your sanction fee or tournament entries, in order to
pay by charge, you will need to visit our Michigan Fastpitch Page at www.NSANorth.com


NSANorth.com (Michigan):  This is our Michigan NSA Fastpitch site. 
Michigan is part of the NSA-BPA Northern Zone. 
This site is more informational for Michigan events and will allow you to PAY ONLINE BY CHARGE.

Welcome to the
Michigan NSA 2015 - GIRLS FAST PITCH Season
If you are new to NSA, please select "Where to Begin" and "What to Bring"

To Sanction with NSA for the 2014-2015 Season

You can pay by charge by selecting the link on the left, but you still need to fill out the Sanction form!
Click on: NSA Team Sanction Form on the left - fill out the form & submit it.  You will receive
  payment instructions at the bottom of the screen.

  Insurance:  ALL Teams participating in NSA tournaments must supply proof of team insurance coverage.
       Teams must make sure that the insurance they purchase meets the NSA requirements.
       If you purchase insurance from an independent agent - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
       In 2015 it is NOT mandatory that you purchase insurance through NSA.
       Please use the insurance link on the left for detailed information on coverage.

NSA New Rules are available at www.PlayNSA.com - select Rule Book link on left
    NEW for 2015 -  Please See Rule Book for details and the exact rule.
IN NON-CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY - Teams can start Bracket Game with 8 Players so if
        you only have 9 and a player is injured during bracket play, you can continue on with the tournament. 
        You are not automatically removed from a qualifying tournament during bracket play due to losing 9th player.
    2. Twin Players - now replaces the DH (NSA will still have 2 Extra Players)
    3. The courtesy runner and the International tie-breaker runner will now have the same wording on
         which "out" (player) can be used.
    4.  Additional wording that will clear up a few of the rules.

Only companies that have signed the NSA contract are approved for use and listed on the Approved Bat
Companies List at PlayNSA.com - Click on Equipment Bats & Balls.  This list will NOT change during the YEAR.

The bat MUST be from a company on the Approved Bat Company List.
Only BATS from these companies with the 2012 NSA Logo or STAMP on them (Outline of
United States & NSA 2012) will be allowed.   The NSA bat logo has been put on bats since 2011.

Note:  It is the coaches/players' responsibility to check their bats for Approved Company and the stamp prior to bringing them into play.
 1.  Anderson Bat Company
 2.  Boombah, Inc.
 3.  BPS Diamond Sports, Inc. (Combat Sports)
 4.  Clearview Systems, Inc. (Rip-It Sporting Goods)
 5.  Easton Sports, Inc.
 6.  Hilerich & Bradsby Company (Louisville Slugger)
 7.  Miken Sports
 8.  Mizuno USA
 9.  Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Inc. (Worth Sports)
10. Rude American Bat Company
11. Wilson Sporting Goods (DeMarini)
12. Baden  (Added July 2015)

NSA POINT SYSTEMMichigan NSA "Chase the Points" Reward Program   NEW beginning in 2015

CLICK HERE to VIEW the 10u "Chase the Points" Winners for 2015
CLICK HERE to VIEW the 12u "Chase the Points" Winners for 2015
CLICK HERE to VIEW the 14u "Chase the Points" Winners for 2015
CLICK HERE to VIEW the 16u "Chase the Points" Winners for 2015
CLICK HERE to VIEW the 18u "Chase the Points" Winners for 2015

The TOP 5 MICHIGAN TEAMS in NSA National Points (for each age group 10u-12u-14u-16u-18u) will each receive $300 toward their World Series Entry Fee.   See Details Below.

NSA Points System – Points are awarded to every team that plays in an NSA Tournament.  More points are awarded
for the higher you finish in the tournament.   The State Tournament has more points awarded than regular qualifying tournaments.  The more you play, the higher your point totals.

Details for the point system are listed on PlayNSA.com on the right side of the main page
Click on POINT DETAILS, then select YOUTH
to view how youth points are awarded. 
All Michigan teams playing in Michigan NSA tournaments will receive additional 100 bonus points.

  Details for Michigan NSA - Chase the Points Reward Program:  Updated 12-30-14
   1.  Teams will receive points for playing in NSA tournaments out of state.
   2.  All Michigan teams playing in Michigan NSA tournaments will receive an additional 100 bonus points.
   3.  The Michigan teams with the most points on the PlayNSA.com point system after all Michigan Results
        are posted for the weekend of July 11-12th, will receive $300 toward their World Series Entry Fee.
Only teams participating in the NSA World Series will be eligible for the reimbursement.
   5.  Top 5 Michigan Teams
per Age Group will be selected in each of the 10u/12u/14u/16u/18u divisions. 
   6.  If the top team(s) are not attending the NSA World Series, the reimbursement will be passed down.
   7.  If there is a TIE in points, the reimbursement will be divided by the teams that are tied.

NSA Scholarship Weekends:
I am excited to announce that to date Michigan NSA has sent over $60,000.00 to our
NSA National Office on behalf of the Michigan NSA Weekend Scholarship Program & Recipients. 

Please click here for more information on the Michigan NSA Weekend Scholarship Program.

The program was started in 2007 as NSA wanted to give ALL girls that enjoy the game of softball
a chance to benefit from participating in our program.  A scholarship for college will be awarded
to a player during each Scholarship Weekend Tournament.  If there are multiple tournaments during
a weekend, each site with a qualifying tournament will have a scholarship drawing.

ALL Michigan NSA Fastpitch Qualifying Tournaments are Scholarship Tournaments!
Scholarships are done by a blind draw during the weekend and any player participating is eligible
to receive the scholarship.
The players DO NOT have to participate in softball at the college level to receive the funds.
Please click here for more information on the Michigan NSA Weekend Scholarship Program.

Girls Fastpitch Classification Upgrades:
To help the teams compete and achieve at their highest level of play, the following
classification rules will be instituted for the NSA North-Central Zone.

  Classifications:   State Directors could impose or set higher standards in the following regard.
         State Directors will review the overall finishes of the team in making classification changes.
         State Directors and/or Zone VP can change the classification of a team at ANY TIME during  
         the season due to the overall strength of the team. 

  State Tournament:  State Tournaments with 16 or more teams per Age & Classification
     1st and 2nd Place or Top 10% (whichever is greater) will be Upgraded in Class if they
      retain 50% or more of the roster the following season.         
     State Tournaments with less than 16 teams per Age & Classification
     Only 1st Place will be Upgraded                                                                   

    The upgrade from the State Tournament may be appealed to the State Director.
    Appeal MUST be in writing with a list of players that will be participating the following season.

  World Series:  World Series Tournaments with 20 or more teams:
     1st & 2nd Place or Top 10% (whichever is greater) will be Upgraded in Class if they
     retain 50% or more of the roster the following season even if they more up in age division.                                                                   

     World Series Tournaments with less than 20 teams: Only First Place will be a mandatory Upgrade.
     The Upgrade from the World Series is mandatory.   


* IF you are planning to play Outside of Michigan for 14u, or 16u age level,
   PLEASE MAKE SURE to inquire about the pitching distance before sending in payment!

* Must submit a Travel Permit (or email approval) Prior to attending any out of state tournaments
  other than World Series.


Players can be released one time from August 1st to December 31st  and  one time from January 1st to July 31st.
Reminder:  If a player participates in the FALL with a team and will be playing for a different team for the SPRING
The player must get a release BEFORE DECEMBER 31st! 
This will allow them to play with a team in the spring and then be released to their summer team!

Q&A:  14u Players from two different teams want to merge for early tournaments - is that possible?
As always with NSA, a team can sanction and play early in the year to combine the two
14u teams - We will call this the COMBINED TEAM of Team ONE and Team TWO 14 year olds
This allows the 14u girls to play before the older girls (16u) are ready to play because of High School.
Once the older girls are ready to play, the COMBINED TEAM would be disbanded by the coach
of record.  This allows all the players from the COMBINED TEAM to go play for their regular team
WITHOUT it counting as their one release for the year.
The COMBINED TEAM would lose any berths or points that were awarded them once they disband.

Once the COMBINED TEAM is disbanded, players from that team can be added to TEAM ONE
and TEAM TWO.  THE ONLY issue is that a player cannot go from a Class "A" team to a Class "B"
Team ONE would need to be sanctioned separately - just cannot add the 14u players names until
the COMBINED team is disbanded. 
Team TWO would need to be sanctioned separately - just cannot add the 14u players names
until the COMBINED team is disbanded.
Please let me know if you have questions.

SA State Championships - due to the record breaking 212 teams we had participate in 2014 Michigan
NSA State Championships and with Father's Day weekend being a week later, we have decide to split
up the age divisions for the State Tournament.
  This will also allow us to move off of the Thursday start.
   So you can see the pattern, these are the dates for future years: 

2015: June 19-21    10u A & B / 12u A & B / 14u B
         June 26-28th  14u A / 16u A & B / 18u / 23u


Parents, Players  and Coaches -

 I have received many questions regarding "Borrowing" of a player for a weekend.
            If you have ANY questions, please contact me. 
  I will help in any way I can that the rule book allows.

  Violations are severe....  Suspension of both the Coach AND PLAYER!
    1.  Players cannot be BORROWED for a weekend tournament and return to their original NSA team!
    2.  Players cannot participate without being listed on the Official NSA Online Roster,
         printed out with signatures.
    3.  Players cannot be listed on TWO NSA rosters without a release form in my office & APPROVED
         - Stipulations apply.
    4.  Players participating that are not on the NSA official ONLINE roster are illegal/ineligible.
    5.  Players playing under an assumed name or "borrowing a jersey" for a weekend is illegal/ineligible.

  If you are new to Girls Fast Pitch Softball, the National Softball Association,
or are just not quite sure what you need to do,

                                 Please start at : Where to Begin?  and "What to Bring & FAQ's"

Welcome to the  National Softball Association Northern Zone
Thank you for viewing
Michigan NSA Fastpitch.

Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing the site.

Kathie Horton
Michigan NSA State Director
810-629-9551 or
email KHorton791@aol.com
Fax: 810-629-2852

NSA North - Home Page

National Softball Association
I am dedicated to giving back to the Michigan NSA program and the teams that support it.
 The Michigan NSA Weekend Scholarship Program has provided funds to players that participate with
us throughout the summer.  Even players that may not have the opportunity to play softball in college.
Please see details below.

The new Michigan NSA - "Chase the Points" Rewards Program will help teams attend the NSA
World Series Tournament by giving the TOP 5 TEAMS in each age group $300 toward their World Entry.
Please see details below.
Thank you,   Kathie Horton - Michigan NSA Fastpitch State Director
If you are NEW to Michigan NSA, please review
"WHERE TO BEGIN" and "What to Bring & FAQ's"

Please note that there are TWO sites you will be dealing
with when participating with Michigan NSA.

Thank you
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